10 Dogs Rules you have to Follow in Houses

Do you have visitors at home that don´t like the company of your french bulldog?  That can´t be! Better to clear things up, because for frenchie addicts our dog-kids are everything and whoever comes to the house has to respect that don´t you think?

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

With the little angels they are, who wouldn´t like to be well accompanied and to have those sweet little faces? That´s why we share this fun rules in a funny tone that every home-visitor should respect and that for sure your frenchie and you will agree.

My Frenchie is the King of my house

My house, his house, our rules

#1 This is my Frenchie’s house

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

He takes care and protects our house when I´m gone so he has the right to move with complete freedom.

#2 Don’t expect him to move from where he is

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

The corner on the couch and many times my legs are part of his space, so don´t throw him or invade him, simply don´t bother him and he won´t bother you…well maybe a little but it´s because he wants love, he would never do anything to you.

#3 Hairs are part of my house decoration

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

Hairs in clothes, couch, and floor are part of my home, of course it cleans… but inevitably some you will carry with you. So you don´t forget him. You have at the exit of your house a roller to remove hairs, it’s not so complicated.

#4 Don’t ask me to leave him out of the room

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

I won´t take him out of the livingroom or lock him in the kitchen, he is part of my family and he can be wherever he wants.

#5 If you have allergies we’ll have to find a solution

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

If you come often to my house, we won´t be able to fix it, except if you take some anti-allergic or we stablish another place that is not my house.

#6 Don’t scare my french bulldog

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

You can play with him as much as you want because he loves playing and being the center of attention. But don´t scare him, because if you do, you won’t be well received at home.

#7 Don’t bug my dog

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

Don’t bother either, if you don´t want to pay attention to him, just don´t and he will surpass that, but then leave him alone.

#8 I don’t need your opinion

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

Trust me, I know exactly what I am doing with my frenchie, how to take care of him, how to play with him… I don´t need your opinion except if you can help me with your experience on any problem he might have. I know how to take care of my french bulldog, and probably he is happier than you or me, lessons are not necessary.

#9 He is not “just a dog”

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

As Richard A. Biby said in his poem, he´s not just a dog, he´s my son, my best friend, my faithful friend, and an important part in my life. It is better to avoid that phrase if you see me over-worried, because he is everything for me and I will always do everything I can so he is good and happy by my side.

#10 I rather have my Frenchie before anything or anyone

rules you have to follow in houses with dogs

Without exaggerations obviously, because a lot of people are in my life, but as I said before he is a key piece in my life, and I can´t picture a life without him. If I have to choose between leaving him alone or taking him, every time I can I´ll do so. I´ll take care of him, caress him and give hi mall my love throughout his life.

¡If you respect all these you are welcome to my home! I’m sure that if you are not so into my frenchie little by little you’ll love him… ¡Because you can’t be any other way! And you? Do you have rules in your house when someone visits? We have exaggerated a Little but that i show it is… Our house, the house of our french bulldog. If you liked the content, ¡Don’t hesitate in sharing it! ¡Frenchie Rules!



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