5 Keys to Take Care of Deaf Dogs

Your french bulldog is deaf? or do you think he can be since he doesn´t look at you, or respond when you call it? Deaf dogs like humans, are equally intelligent, they are totally normal dogs but they need another series of stimulus to call their attention.

deaf dogs causes remedies care

Being deaf develop much more the other senses, but still they need some care and education somewhat different so they obey, learn basic things and above it all they don’t get lost.

Why deafness occurs in dogs

The ear of a dog as you know, is much more developed than people, is able to perceive up to 60,000 hertz sounds, facing 20.000 hertz we humans reach, so it is not so difficult to identify that a dog is deaf, they react to almost any sound.

deaf dogs causes remedies care

Dogs can be born deaf or be so due to a number of external causes that provoke this deafness. The most common cause is congenital deafness, produced by an inadequate crossing of parents, meaning, it comes with genetic defects or may be related to the pigmentation, meaning, when there is unpigmented skin within the inner ear, and especially suffering in white dogs.

But there may also be other causes, not from birth:

  • Age and loss of that sense.
  • Chronic ear infections, a fairly common theme in the French bulldog and hence the importance of caring of them well and lead a constant hygiene.
  • Frequent exposure to very loud noises and sounds, the dog’s ear is much more sensitive than humans as they are listening at much lower frequencies than ours therefore loud noises a lot of time can harm their ears.
  • Overuse of antibiotics can also cause deafness, so whenever we can it is better to avoid giving too much medication and try natural remedies, only when possible.

How to know if my french bulldog is deaf

deaf dogs causes remedies care

Knowing if your french bulldog is deaf since puppy will not be so instant, but with time when starts to react to more stimulus you may see that they don´t react when you call them, they don´t even look at you, or when you try to get their attention with sounds like for example a toy they don´t realize it.

But don´t be scared, your french bulldog being deaf will not be a problem, will be equal as the others, even more ready to be able to develop other senses, but you have to take into account certain things for proper education.

If you think your french bulldog can be deaf, the first thing you have to do is check, take a toy or something from home with what you can make noise and make it sound, keys, a metallic plate may be helpful, if your dog does not react in any way, probably is deaf.

You can also go to the vet to confirm it, in some clinics they perform a series of tests to detect deafness in dogs, but this is an expensive treatment and you can recognize it yourself being deaf or not with what we said previously. Dogs who have hearing loss have a very keen ear they react when we get to the room in which they are, when we take a swing or simply move the keys to leave home, but if your french bulldog does not realize any of this or move the ears is safe to say its deaf.

How should I care if my dog is deaf

All in a deaf dog care are the same as those of a dog that is not, as vaccination, feeding, hygiene, exercise… what differs is mainly in education and training if you do not want to lose your french bulldog or them to be tragically ran over. Stimuli to a deaf dog must be different since they cannot hear our voice or sounds, so you must increase the signs and gestures to obey and so educate them best.

Keys to the care and training of a deaf french bulldog

#1 Never let them loose, always have them tied up

deaf dogs causes remedies care

Your french bulldog cannot hear you when you call, hence you should never let it free when you go to the countryside or the park to play with other dogs. He or she will not come back when you call because they don´t hear, and this can be dangerous if, for example, there is a highway close, It can run to see something that catches their attention and end up ran over. Or if going to the countryside and leaving it lose may ran away and get lost, even if you call, he won´t come.

So perhaps to give some freedom you can buy or make yourself a longer leash with a rope, and so when you go to the park or countryside leave him more room to play but always controlled, since the eyes won´t be useful if the dog runs away. If you have a garden, you can let it run around freely, but whenever there is no way that the dog leave home without you noticing.

#2 Make gestures a lot and use your hands to communicate with him

deaf dogs causes remedies care

If you want your french bulldog understand what you say, you have to use more hands, just as we do when we give them basic orders with a “sit” or “plash” will have to use hands repetitive gestures that he or she can identify as an order when you do them. Always used to teach positive stimuli as stroke his head or give a prize every time you do it well, patience and perseverance are your best allies to learn to do everything you teach him.

You’ll have to have a repertoire or sign language course with your french bulldog so they can understand you, and differentiate some orders of others, take it as something fun, when you have internalized, it will come out as you want to communicate with him.

#3 Don`t scream to nag him or to ask him to come

We know this is obvious, but perhaps you do not realize in doing so and has no sense since you’ll burn and the dog won´t know what is going on. The best is to come close to it and make a gesture to identify to come or to know that it is not done propperly, if they are doing some mischief, or their needs where they are not supposed to.

There are special collars on market called vibratory necklaces, not to be confused with electric shock collars to train dogs with this problem, that what they do is that when you press a remote control emits a vibration and so the dog knows when to come . However critical situations except not recommend using these devices, because if they get used to this not react to normal and natural education.

#4 Use light and vibrations as stimuli

Since they can hear, they develop a lot more their sight, many trainers of deaf dogs use special lights with colors and different intensities or laser lights to properly train these dogs with their little problem. This may be a bit more complicated for you, but for example you can turn on the lights in the kitchen or bedroom when you get home or wake up so he knows you are there, a normal dog will feel and hear once you get up or get home but a deaf dog does not react.

Using vibration can also be a very good choice since they can feel this, probably if you make noise he won´t realize it that you are there but if you stump your feet or a chair; or come close to him walking he´ll note the vibration and will tell easily.

5# Take him to the vet regularly to control his deafness

deaf dogs causes remedies care

Whether deafness your dog either by birth or acquired, we recommend you to visit regularly to your veterinarian to have it controlled and can always give you some advice on how to take care of her delicate ears especially dogs by age or other causes have lost the ability to hear and listen.

Don’t worry, having a deaf dog may be a unique experience, it surely needs more attention specially in the first phase of education. And you? Do you have a deaf french bulldog? We would like you to share your experience with other french-maniacs who are going over this situation and have doubts. If you think this article was useful do not hesitate to leave us a comment and share it with your friends in your favorite social networks.



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