French Bulldog and 10 Things that Will Turn you Crazy

French bulldog is much more than a special dog for which we are frenchie-addicts, both with their good things and their bad things, they make us fall in love every day. Their gestures, their games, their snoring even their farts make us crazy, because they are unique and make our lives a better road.

awesome things french bulldog

Recently we read the phrase “I have no dog and my house is very clean, but my house is empty” and, who has not had the experience of living with a dog, and moreover with a french bulldog does not know what they are missing.

Why do we love so much our dogs?

#1 Their gestures make us forget all our problems

awesome things french bulldog

In general, all dogs have their stuff, their gestures, their postures, their hobbies and games. Our frenchies have lovely faces although sometimes seems they are sad that make us love them more. A few stick out their tongue, others their little teeth, but the look and the faces make us look at us just as they are unique. How often you see our frenchies and we get a laugh? We could spend hours and hours watching as if the world stops, evading all our problems.

#2 They are inseparable, they will follow us wherever we go

awesome things french bulldog

There are more independent or more dependent dogs, but specifically french bulldog is in the second group. They are dogs that need constant human contact and are very dependent on us. They chase us around the house, they lie down beside us while we cook or in the bath mat while showering. Sometimes somehow cloying, but who can resist the charms of their french bulldog? In the end, frenchie owners always love having them on our side.

#3 Their licks fill us with joy

awesome things french bulldog

Not all are very kissing, but when we contact them and they feel like they’re happy, they love to give us a good lick to demonstrate how they love us. The best time for this is when you get home and they were all day waiting for their ration of daily pampering.

#4 They forgive us quickly

awesome things french bulldog

French bulldog is a good dog but sometimes, especially when they are puppies, like all dogs are a little naughty or rebellious. It is not hard to educate them if we are disciplined from an early age. Of course when they bundle, they know exactly what they have done and despite being scolded or punished immediately they pass and are on our side asking forgiveness. How not to forgive them, if deep down they have faces of little angels?

#5 They help us relax

awesome things french bulldog

Maybe this doesn´t happen to everyone, but for us the best time of day is when after a hard working day we sit on the couch beside them and cherish them leaving our peaceful mind. They are very quiet and feels that the French Bulldog is a very nice relaxing time hehehe!

#6 They allow us to walk, run, wander

awesome things french bulldog

Although french bulldog is not the most athletic dog, they are a very important reason to go for a walk every day, they enjoy having a walk and we love their company. Even on grey days a walk and leaving home will feel great, besides giving us health.

#7 They are our dog-kids, more than family member

awesome things french bulldog

Our frenchies are much more than a member of our family, our feelings toward them exceed even those that we have for some relatives. They are like our children and of course our life partners. When our french bulldog is sick we really have a really bad time when we must part for any reason they are missed too, and we care for them without limits.

#8 Their snoring puts the environment in our homes

awesome things french bulldog

If there is silence in the house of a french bulldog it is that something happens. Their snoring while breathing, while speaking, while running, and while playing and when sleeping, make them special too. Although sometimes it seems like a helicopter is landing in our room that does not scare us, on the contrary, we love it because they are the music of our homes. They are little-barking dogs but very snorers.

#9 Their hair reminds us that they are always there

awesome things french bulldog

French bulldog hairs are everywhere, clothes, bed, couch, blankets, soil. Their hairs are very difficult to remove but that does not dislike us because when we are away from home and see one of their hairs on our shirt we remember them, and a smile appears on our face.

#10 Their loyalty and love for us is unconditional

awesome things french bulldog

Their character is adorable in every way, our frenchies live, love us dearly as much or more as we need them and cannot live without us. They will be there when we are sad, when we are happy and eager to protect us and get from us a smile.

Having a french bulldog is one of the best decisions you can make in life. We wish they were forever with us because they are the greatest. Sure there are endless things you like about your french bulldog, they have us in love how it couldn´t be otherwise. If you enjoyed this post, please leave us a comment and share it with your friends on your favorite social media.



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  1. I really did enjoy reading this about French Bulldogs and ever word of this is as true as it can be i am disabled i have had 21 operations and because of this i`m at home 24/7 and my French Bulldog Dakota is always with me day and night so we are always together around the clock and we are very close and he always makes me so happy and shows me real love and understanding ever day that comes and goes Dakota is there for me. I am so very thankful that my French Bulldog Dakota is here with me to cheer me up and warm my heart with love and when i am in so much pain from my very bad health problems he understands this and he can help me get through these rough and painful days by letting me that he is always there for me he will come to me and lay as close to me as he can get and lay his head on my arm to let me know that he is here for me.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for your comment. Sure, Dakota is very special. We are sorry for your health problems and we hope that little by little you will recover! No doubt Dakota is the best therapy for any problem and we know that together you will always be very happy. Much encouragement with everything and a big hug!

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