8 Reasons to Foster or Adopt a Dog

Would you adopt a dog? Why not a french bulldog? Do you know all the good things you can do with him and how good you´ll feel? We are sad about this post, but we believe it is important to raise awareness and encourage people to give a second chance to a dog or cat. In our country there are infinite cases of abandonment of pets.

reasons adopt dog

According to research up to 150.000 pets end up abandoned each year, 400 abandonments per day, which places Spain as the country number one in pet abandonment in Europe, that is why the government is considering to forbid the sale of pets in shops, which we believe will never come.

Adopt or foster a dog

In the case of our adorable french bulldog, in Spain there are many cases, females that have been exploited to breed and when they no longer serve they are left on the street like trash, puppies in dumpsters for not wanting to take responsibility for having raised, and infinite cases of frenchies with problems, as herniated disc, allergies and everything of related diseases on a french bulldog.

While you buy an animal, another dies in the street

Any living thing needs a minimum of care, care and of course love, if you are not responsible do not adopt even less buy a dog. If you see animal abuse, or abandonment always report it, it does not cost anything, and looking the other way will make you unhappy.

We reflected on everything that can provide both the dog you adopt as you, if you decide to take this big step:

#1 You will give him a family, maybe the first one he has

reasons adopt dog

Many dogs have been alone since they came into the world, meaning, they have never had a family. And the ones who have, if they have been abandoned to their fate, it is because they really do not have because nobody abandons a child, a brother… As they say “The dog is a man’s best friend”, so giving him a family, is a second chance to know what the warmth of a home is, the care of a family and love life of a fellow.

#2 You´ll save a life

reasons adopt dog

Unfortunately in our country dog kennels are full of dogs looking for a home, but not everyone gets that opportunity. The protective and associations cannot in all cases take over expenses and involved in maintenance,  protect, feed and in many cases heal these animals, many of them end up being slaughtered. That is why you, can change the life of one of them. In addition you will be the best treatment that any dog that has been abused may have, to which they have never given affection and the warmth of love between a man and a dog.

#3 He will give more and more thanks every day


Dogs are most grateful beings on earth, the most faithful companions we could have, so if you decide to adopt a dog there is no day that he do not thank you. Because you’ve been the one who has given shelter on a cold day, food when hungry and stopped to caress him whispering things that we are sure they understand. He will never know what your name is but he´ll always be grateful.

#4 His loyalty and love is unconditional

reasons adopt dog

A dog that has ever had the warmth of a family, fortiori be more faithful and protector of who protects him. The union between a man and a dog is unconditional, but he or she as we have said before will want to thank you each day, being with you until the end of his days.

#5 You’ll feel good helping one who needs it

reasons adopt dog

Adopting also is a good deed, helping is something that always satisfies us and fills us with a little more happiness. It is an act of humanity to another living being who needs our help because if not their life may be stopped.

Saving an animal will not change the world, but it will change the world of that animal

#6 You´ll help to reduce the pet trade

reasons adopt dog

Unfortunately in our country there are many trafficked animals, we can still see in many shops dogs and cats locked behind glasses waiting for a buyer. There the multibreeders, they are no keepers of a breed that seeks to maintain and improve the standard, but individuals who cannot see beyond the money, breeding and breeding unconscionable and trafficking with dogs with problems even for lower prices. If you decide to adopt and give a chance to a dog in need, you´ll avoid them selling puppies if there are more people that does not buy in shops.

#7 You will gain time in their education

reasons adopt dog

Many of the dogs found in dog kennels and adoption centers are already bred in a house, meaning, have been educated, although in many cases not in the best way, but it will not be a puppy that you have to start from scratch. He will probably already know that needs to go out to pee, stay quiet at home when we are not there, to be with other people or other animals, etc.

#8 You´ll save some money

reasons adopt dog

Adopting may allow you to save some money, as it will always be less than the cost of buying it if you have to vaccinate or sterilize. A puppy costs money if it is breed, since small you’ll have to shell out big bucks, visits to the vet for proper monitoring, vaccines, etc.

Surely you can think of more reasons to adopt a dog, but these are the ones we wanted to highlight. We are not against professional breeding and improving the race, but we are against illegal selling, exploitation and overcrowding that just makes more homeless dogs.

As you know in every country there are numerous associations whose job is to help abandoned pets, there are even some concrete in the french bulldog. If you like this race and you want to help contact some of them, you won´t regret it, they are a lot of frenchies who are awaiting a second chance.

Have you ever adopted a dog? Go ahead and tell us your experience in order to encourage other courageous people to do it. If you liked this post, feel free to share with your friends in your favorite social media.



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