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3 Home Remedies to Relieve the Itching of Your Dog

As we have pointed out several times before, the french bulldog is a more likely to have allergies breed (these may be softer or more aggressive) and scratches a lot, always depending on the situation…
April, 2017  |  Popular  |  0 comentarios
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10 Reasons to YES Adopting or Buying a French Bulldog

We have already talked about this subject in Frenchiemania, but backwards, giving you several reasons NOT to buy a french bulldog. This time we exposed a series of reasons for people that were thinking about buying or…
February, 2017  |  Popular  |  0 comentarios
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10 Common Mistakes when Feeding a French Bulldog

French bulldog is a dog that normally eats well, although usually has several eating disorders. That is why we address this issue, because many times it is not the fault of the dog, but the…
February, 2016  |  Popular  |  7 comentarios
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