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3 Home Remedies to Relieve the Itching of Your Dog

As we have pointed out several times before, the french bulldog is a more likely to have allergies breed (these may be softer or more aggressive) and scratches a lot, always depending on the situation…
April, 2017  |  Hygiene  |  0 comentarios
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10 Tips to Clean the Eyes of your French Bulldog

Your french bulldog eyes smeared brown below? The dogs, especially if they are white or cream and they are flat with bulging eyes, they are often stain the skin underneath the eye as a brown…
February, 2017  |  Hygiene  |  0 comentarios
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6 Tips for Cleaning Up you French Bulldog Hair

Are you a little tired of always going with your french bulldog hairs everywhere? Clothing, couch, bed, car, ground… and the washers of all your family and friends! The hair of any animal adheres everywhere…
February, 2016  |  Hygiene  |  0 comentarios