reasons why a dog eats poop

4 Reasons Why a Dog Eats Poop

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Does your french bulldog puppy or adult eat its poops or feces from other dogs or animals? We don´t like eschatological themes, but it is a reality you need to know if you have a dog because sometimes they are a little weird and eat their own feces or other dogs, because we do not stop to ask ourselves why they do this quite unpleasant, is it they are hungry and are not fed well?

reasons why a dog eats poop

No, there are several reasons they do this and it is important to know them to put a solution as soon as you may have a problem or that the problem occurs by eating the feces of an animal that is sick.

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Reasons why a dog eats feces

#1 They are attracted by the smell and taste (Coprofragia)

reasons why a dog eats poop

The coprofragia is the voluntary action where animals eat their feces, occurs mainly in puppies when they make poop it smells strong because of certain proteins that have not well digested, they smell good and decide to eat again. It occurs mostly when they do not digest food well or have a weak digestive system, something often as puppies and also in the french bulldog with digestive problems. Usually it’s something that happens when dogs are puppies and age lose interest in doing so. Maybe if you have a puppy french bulldog does this in their first months of life, so it is important that you control them not to do it.

In many cases they are not only interested in eating their own poops but the fear of being scolded or punished for relieving themselves at home, they eat it quickly before their owners caught them not to get angry with them. Doggy moms also sometimes eat their puppies droppings in order to keep the nest clean and hygienic for hier cubs.

If your frenchie eats their own poops besides watching them for scolding and avoiding to eat it, you can add a little pineapple in their diet by mixing it with their meal or giving it as they usually like them a lot, because pineapple alters the smell and the taste of their poop making it less appetizing. Doing so compulsively you can also add a little spicy as tabasco, sparingly, in the stool so that if it happens I will be hot to eat and be rid of the desire to repeat it.

#2 Smells like food

reasons why a dog eats poop

In this case dogs are attracted to feces from other dogs, partly because the poop is a dog that has digestion problems and then has an attractant scent for your french bulldog as some food proteins have not digested well; or the dog excrement contains remains of some food that also has a smell and taste that strikes your frenchie.

Not only can they eat dog feces, they are also attracted by cat feces, cow, horse… all animal waste that has different scents to what they are accustomed. In fact not only the feces are eaten sometimes they jump in them and then get home dirty and stinking, ready for a bath.

#3 Bored with their food or their diet lacks nutrients

reasons why a dog eats poop

Many times their body is missing or needs a number of nutrients and makes the look in the feces of other dogs, but that does not mean they have a bad feeding, you may be bored or tired of eating the same thing and that will attract the poops of other dogs and eating other feed and odors change and may draw their attention.

#4 They are bad or sick

reasons why a dog eats poop

Although not as common, maybe your french bulldog is eating poops for having a serious digestive problem, bacteria or parasite in the body and this will make them do so, as when it hurts the stomach and eat grass to purge. If you find that your french bulldog before did not have that behavior and start doing it often, then do not hesitate to take it to your veterinarian so he/she can test your dog.

If your frenchie eats their poop do not forget to see him/her when doing their needs at home if it is a puppy and in the streets to educate them not to do it, and discard if if they do it for something serious. Doing so in an uncontrolled and compulsive way do not hesitate to go to the vet.

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If you have any experience to share with the community of french bulldog do not hesitate to feel free to leave a comment, and if helpful to you share this post with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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