long hair gen french bulldog

4 Keys of the Long Hair Gen of the French Bulldog

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Can you imagine a french bulldog with long hair? They are not frequently seen but really exist even though they are not easy to see on the street, but in social media we have found more than one and they have left us speechless. They are like our frenchies but with very long hair for the breed. It is about a genetic problem due to the combination of the hair genes of the parents.

long hair gen french bulldoglong hair gen french bulldog

Dougie and Ohhiburney are two beautiful frenchies which we follow on Instagram that do not leave us indifferent to their originality, so we decided to investigate a little more and I share it with you because it’s adorable.

The long hair gen in the French bulldog

#1 What is the long hair gene in dogs

The long hair gene is a gene that produces a layer with higher capillary length in numerous breeds. It poses no threat to health, however in some races it is considered absent or genetic alteration of the breed and many criticize them but the dogs are healthy and they do not have to have any problems.

The long hair gene is an autosomal recessive disease, meaning, no genetic dominance phenomenon but for this heritable trait to be transmitted it is necessary that the offspring receives the gene from both parents.

#2 Longhaired Frenchies exist

#3 Why does this “anomaly” occur

The dog, in this case the french bulldog has long hair because the breeder probably crossed a female and a male with the gene although they have short hair being carriers thereof and therefore their puppies are born with long hair like some frenchies and other races. A dog with two copies of the recessive gene variant are affected, will express the phenotype and pass a copy of the variant gene to their offspring 100% of the time. A dog with a copy of the variant gene is a recessive carrier, that do not express the phenotype themselves, however, They are for the variant gene to their offspring 50% of the time. A dog that does not have any copies of the recessive gene variant is clear, and will never produce offspring affected.

El perro, en este caso el bulldog francés tiene el pelo largo porque probablemente el criador cruzó una hembra y un macho con el gen aunque tuviesen el pelo corto siendo portadores del mismo y por ello sus cachorros salen con el pelo largo como el caso de algunos frenchies y otras razas. Un perro con dos copias de la variante del gen recesivo se ve afectada, van a expresar el fenotipo y pasarán una copia de la variante genética a su descendencia el 100% de las veces. Un perro con una copia de la variante del gen recesivo es un portador, que no expresan el fenotipo sí mismos, sin embargo, son pasará la variante del gen a su descendencia 50% del tiempo. Un perro que tiene no tiene ninguna copia de la variante del gen recesivo es clara, y nunca va a producir descendencia afectada.

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#4 How to detect this gene

There are DNA tests that allow to detect the gene, if they both carry it probably the puppies will be born with long hair, and if only one of them carries it probabilities are halved. It is important that breeders of race do this type of testing to avoid unwanted litters being born that in some cases will not easily find a home since who is looking for a french bulldog of race does that under the standard.

In Frenchiemania we love all the frenchies no matter how they are, with their good and bad things, and these french bulldogs of long hair are cute and very original, even if it costs to imagine those precious with fur.

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  1. Interesting article. We love Frenchies and I have never seen a long haired Frenchie. Thank you for the time and information about the genetic anomaly.

  2. Great article on recessive long-hair genetics. I think the long hair is unique adding further character to a dog already full of character and whimsy.

    1. Frenchiemania

      Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for your comment. We just know breeders in Spain for the moment. Is very difficult to find long haired french bulldogs because is not the standard. Nice day!


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