fruits for dogs

14 Fruits your French Bulldog will Love to Eat

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Haven´t you tried once to give a piece of fruit to your French Bulldog and see how they lick themselves with it? If you have not done so we recommend you try it since, besides how fun it can be, its something they like a lot, especially if  its out of their usual diet. Anyway, before we recommend you do know the forbidden foods also, since we don´t want your doggie to be sick.

fruits for dogs

Fruit, as to humans, provides them with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber which is beneficial to their health. In general, dry food for dogs lacks antioxidants, which are ideal for preventing heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Lets see what fruits you may give your French bulldog without fear of having a health problem.

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Fruits that your dog can eat

#1 Apple

fruits for dogs apple

The apple is perfect for our French bulldog by its high content of Vitamin C. Also it contains pectin, which acts as a great soluble fiber and helps fight diabetes and excess blood glucose, plus accelerate dissolution of cholesterol. By being an excellent digestive helps to treat diarrhea. Before giving them apple, wash it well, remove the center to remove seeds, since they are toxic for dogs.

#2 Pear

fruits for dogs pear The pear as the Apple has vitamins A and C very healthy for our dogs, besides fiber which helps digestion and a lot of  minerals. It should also be well cleaned all the seeds.

#3 Banana

fruits for dogs banana Banana is a fruit with high fiber but a Little more calories than other fruits, so it is not advisable to abuse it. You can give them in the right measure since if we go over we can cause constipation in our dogs, that is, if your French bulldog has diarrhea can help improve it. We must always remove the skin.

#4 Orange

fruits for dogs orange Oranges have a lot of vitamin C, perfect for our dogs. But on the other hand they contain a lot of natural sugar so it is not good to eat them in excess since it can promote obesity, and with the French bulldog and you must be very careful with this disease. But occasionally it can be a great snack.

#5 Cantaloupe

fruits for dogs cantaloupe Cantaloupe is a summer fruit ideal for our french bulldog, and they usually love them besides being sweet with lots of water which in summer is great. It’s great because it contains abundant vitamins A, C and K; and antioxidants. As with other fruit you have to remove the seeds always.

#6 Watermelon

fruits for dogs watermelon They will also love the fresh watermelon because of its sweetness and refreshing it is. It has antioxidant, detoxifying which helps to clean the intestines because it removes toxic wastes. It also contains many vitamins and very good properties for our frenchies. Don´t forget to always remove the seeds.

#7 Mango

fruits for dogs mango Mangoes are a fruit rich in nutrients for our dogs. They provide important amounts of vitamin C, They are also a good source of potasium, magnesium and fiber.

#8 Apricot

fruits for dogs apricot Also part of the list of fruits that can be eaten by dogs as long as we remove the bone, because as we have said is toxic for them. Apricot is rich in iron and fiber, ideal for the proper functioning of our dog´s body and help the intestinal transit.

 #9 Papaya

fruits for dogs papaya Papaya is a very tasty and nutritious tropical fruit with interesting medicinal qualities for our frenchies as for people, besides having a very sweet flavor. Papaya contains papain and vitamin C. It is a perfect digestive and antioxidant. Always in small quantities and taking off seeds.

#10 Blueberries

fruits for dogs cranberries Blueberry is a fruit rich in antioxidants. But has very small seeds inside which is why you should remove them before giving it to him/her, it is a fruit that they like a lot too, but a little hard to clean because of its size.

#11 Strawberries

fruits for dogs strawberry Strawberries are a natural source of vitamin C, besides a perfect antioxidant for your dog, removing toxic substances from the body, to maintain the health of their skin and their hair. Besides they are an excellent diuretic, promote intestinal transit and bone health.

#12 Peach

fruits for dogs peach The peach is a fruit with a rich flavor they usually love it too. It is antioxidant, facilitates the entry of the omega 3 and omega 6 fats, and it provides many vitamins that help the intestines of our dog. Always wash it and remove the bone.

#13 Pineapple

fruits for dogs pinneapple Pineapple is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, also contains much water which will refresh your French bulldog. It contains bromelain, which it is an enzyme that helps digest proteins, so it will be beneficial for their digestion.

#14 Plums

fruits for dogs plum The plum is another fruit that your dog can eat occasionally, yes, always retire the bone and wash well. Plum is a  natural laxative which helps if your dog is usually constipated. If, however, is usually loose, avoid giving it to him/her. There is also much soluble fiber which helps lower the cholesterol.

Important to keep in mind with the Fruits

  • Before giving any fruit or food, talk to your veterinarian, whether your  frenchie is allergic or intolerant and then you´ll have a problem
  • All the fruits you give your French bulldog must be clean of seeds and pipes as they are toxic for dogs
  • You must give it occasionally and in small amounts since it will suit them well, but never in excess
  • Always wash them and cut into chunks to feed them little by little
  • Fruit must not replace ordinary food, but give it as a prize only occasionally
  • You can use the fruit as price and teach new orders to replace the usual cookies
  • You can also freeze chopped fruit to introduce them in their Kong (dog toy) to be entertained for a moment
  • If your French bulldog eats badly, it is an alternative to add in their food one in a while to motivate them to eat
  • Fruit helps them to clean their teeth, removing tartar
  • You can give it from an early age to get used to it

Sure we leave some more, but these are the most common. The fruits they should never eat, as you know are grapes or raisins, since they are highly toxic. However, before you begin to give fruit to your French bulldog it is important that you consider these points.

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Now you know how, when and what fruit you can give to them moderately to your frenchie, and its sure they will be happy. If you thought this post was interesting leave us a comment and don´t forget to share it in your favorite social media.

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