4 Keys for the Correct Deworming of your French Bulldog

Do you correctly deworm your french bulldog during the different seasons of the year? Do you know why deworming is key to good health? Sometimes we believe that simply by putting the anti-parasitic collar all year round or simply in spring, our frenchies are protected against internal and external threats, but this is not correct.

deworming dogs

Proper deworming should be monthly or quarterly at best, to prevent serious illness of your frenchie. That is why it is important to be very clear about what it is, what types of deworming exist and how you should act to take care of the health and immune system of your french bulldog in this regard.

How to deworm your dog

#1 What is the deworming of a dog?

deworming dogs

As its name indicates, deworming is to cure or to prevent in the majority of the cases against parasites in your dog, since although you wash him or her frequently, and live in your house, this does not protect hime or her against the diseases that the parasites produce.

The most frequent are external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes transmitting leishmaniosis that we all know as well as mosquitoes that can infect them, but there are many more within the group of internal parasites such as intestinal worms, tapeworm and a series of diseases directly related to this.

You should not only deworm your french bulldog when you detect that it has fleas for example, since some parasites transmit diseases dangerous for him or her so it is always more important to prevent than cure, and be rigorous in the possible measures with their deworming process.

It’s better to prevent than to cure

#2 Internal deworming of a dog

deworming dogs

When a female will have puppies, the veterinarian will indicate that you must deworm it internally since in case the dog has any type of internal parasite, they could transmit it to the puppies. The veterinarian will indicate in these cases the treatment and the recommended dose.

On the other hand, your frenchie may be hosting worms or any parasite without you knowing it. Usually internal parasites are contracted by the ingestion of these parasites, and may be simply by sniffing or by eating grass, feces of an infected dog or any object in which the larvae and eggs of these parasites may be living.

Until the 6 months of life of your french bulldog you will have to deworm it monthly, from 6 months and for life you will have to deworm it internally every 3 months. Internal antiparasites usually do not protect like the external ones but their function is to disinfect in case they have some type of internal parasite. It is important that from time to time you observe the feces of your french bulldog in case they have parasites and you have to give him or her a stronger treatment always recommended by your veterinarian.

In your veterinary clinic and specialized pet stores you can find all kinds of internal parasite products, usually in tablets, in this case, you can mix it with a little food to give it to them easily.

#3 External deworming of a dog

deworming dogs

The external deworming of a dog is usually conditioned by the change of season that causes a climate change and favors more or less parasites in the environment and the environment of your french bulldog such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that transmit diseases in many very serious cases.

You should protect your frenchie with external antiparasitics on a monthly basis. They are just like the internals in pet stores, repellents of these parasites like collars, sprays and pipettes. Pipettes and sprays have a shorter duration than necklaces that last for more months, but sometimes combining them can be a good prevention. Your veterinarian or shop specialist will tell you what dose we should put the pipettes according to the size, weight and age of your dog.

In case your french bulldog has caught fleas or has a tick, the best thing to do is to take him to your veterinarian first to recommend the appropriate treatment. To prevent, for example, in summer that is when we find more fleas and ticks by the heat and the humidity, avoid to walk your french bulldog by the field and zones where it can catch them easily.

#4 Antiparasitics for dogs

deworming dogs

All the antiparasitaries we talked about in this article that you can find in veterinarians and pet stores are mostly chemicals to fight the best against the parasites, after all, it is poison to kill the bugs your french bulldog has. There are some home remedies to prevent it, that you can also try with your dog to protect it from the parasites, but they do not always have to be as effective since they are not as potent.

For example to protect them externally we can throw a small dose of eucalyptus oil through the body that by its strong smell scares the bugs, or bathe them with lemon peels in the water. For the internal deworming some specialists talk about giving them a little garlic in the food, but we do not agree because garlic can do them harm in the long term although we give little if we do it continuously. Brewer’s yeast and carrot mixed with their meal also help prevent internal parasites.

We hope that after reading this article, you understand a little better why is it important to deworm your french bulldog, especially at certain times of the year like spring or summer, but you have to do it always and even if it involves an economic outlay will always come cheaper than taking your french bulldog to the vet for an infection in addition to the concern that causes us.

If your french bulldog has allergies you may not always be able to use the antiparasitic recommended by the store professional, it is always preferable to talk to your vet beforehand. And whenever you are giving any of these products, if you notice any reaction, any change of attitude or health in your dog, take it immediately to your veterinarian. If you find this article interesting leave us a comment or share it in your social networks.



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